SNS Dipping Powder Nail

Full Set Nail Clear $39
Full Set Natural Nail Colour $49
Full Set Natural Nail French Tip $59
Full Set Tip Extension Colour $59
Re-Fill Natural $44
Re-Fill Colour Change $49
Re-Fill Pink and White $55

Shellac Gel Nail Polish

(21 day wear + mirror finish + zero dry time + no nail damage)

Shellac, Buff, Shape for Hands $29
Shellac French Tip Buff, Shape for Hands $35
Shellac, Buff, Shape for Feet $39
Shellac French Tip for Feet $45

Nail Enhancement

(Acrylic Nail)

Acrylic Full Set $49
Acrylic Full Set + Shellac Colour $54
Acrylic Full Set Glitter Tip $59
Re-Fill Natural $34
Re-Fill Shellac Colour $47
Re-Fill Pink and White Powder $55
Take Off $20


(Natural Nails Services)

Manicure $25
Manicure Shellac $39
French Tip Extra $10

Pedicure Spa

(Natural Nails services)

Pedicure Spa Exfoliate $39
Pedicure Spa Shellac $54
Deluxe Pedicure Spa $49
Deluxe Pedicure Spa Shellac $64
French Tip Extra $10

Special Packages

(Bundle and Save)

Manicure and Pedicure Spa $60
Manicure and Pedicure + Shellac $84

Eyelash Extension


Full Set Eyelash Extensions (Classic) from $99
Full Set Eyelash Extensions (Volume) from $119

Nail Care Services

Colour Polish Change $20/$25
French Polish Change $25/$30
Shellac Gel Polish Change $34/$39
Nail Art Design from $20
Acrylic Nail Removal from $20
Shellac Colour Removal from $15
SNS Dipping Powder Removal from $15
Cut Down from $15
Nail Repair from $10

Waxing Services

Eyebrow Shape $15
Under Arm $20
Upper Lips $7
Upper Lip, Chin, Eyebrow $25
Chin / Side of Face $12
Stomach Wax $20
Chest Wax $35
Half Arm Wax $25
Full Arm Wax $35
Half Leg Wax from $25
3/4 Leg Wax $35
Full Leg Wax from $45
XX Bikini from $35
XXX Bikini from $50
Men’s Wax + 20% extra

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are placed on the end of your natural nail, making them the length of your choice. A thin layer of acrylic is then applied over the top giving your nails a long and natural looking appearance.

Dip Gel Powder System

– Longer lasting + no odor + no damaged nails + no heavy feel

– No ultra violet (UV) light + natural look

– Nails grow healthier after Dip Gel removal


Your cuticles are pushed back and tidied and then your fingernails are cut and shaped.
Next, we massage your arms and then finish by polishing your nails.

Spa Pedicure (Regular)

Our Spa Pedicure is the ultimate in full body relaxation.
Your toe nails are trimmed, and dead skin cells removed while a full leg massage is given.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Deluxe Spa Pedicure is the hydrating pedicure you’ve been waiting for, it includes all the features of our feet and lower legs with ice mint scrub.

Shellac Gel Nails

Introducing the fell proof manicure: Shellac, it dries instantly to last chip free and beautiful nails for up to 3 weeks.

Body Art Glitter Tattoos 

Glitter Tattoos are the hottest form of temporary body art in the world today and are a fun way to entertain guests of all ages at parties and special events.

Spray Tan

We use high quality products, that look natural without streaking, and don’t give an orange color.

Foot Reflexology Massage

The pressure is applied to reflex zones on the feet which help the whole body feel better.

  • The fine print:

      – Re-fills after the recommended period of a maximum of 2-3 weeks will be charged an extra fee

  • We are not responsible for:

      – breaking, cracking, lifting, or infected nails

      – damage to the original design (charges apply for rectification)

     no refunds are given

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